Company profile

D-DK Socks and DİLEK Socks were established in 1999 for export purposes. It was established to fulfill socks requirements of European, American and Russian customers. With a planned, scheduled and stable growth graph since establishment, we adopted a perfectionist conduct and customer-focused principles. Our company produces luxurious men, ladies, children and infant socks of any type, model, color and size with quite attractive prices. We provide various options to our customers with a wide range of products. With a monthly production capacity of 1.200.000 pairs of socks, DDK Socks is one of the established companies that produces and exports socks of high quality with its integrated system as well as its strong production line. Thanks to its care about information and specialist design and technical team following any domestic and foreign fairs; the company sustains export operations by following the latest world fashion. Thanks to its features such as effective management, strong capital structure, keeping up with the advancing technology and care to consumer trends; it feels right proud of its stable development and growth. We confide in our financial status, capacity and team in every respect.

We act with the belief that nature is the most precious treasure that must be preserved; We constantly renew and develop our environmental and energy management systems. We protect our environment by reducing the wastes generated before and after the production.

- D-DK Socks Environmental Policy

Our mission

D-DK Socks aims to use modern technology in all operations related with production of socks, always prioritize "Human" factor, give importance to product, system and quality in line with effective working principle and please our customers, suppliers and personnel.

Our vision

UUe our imagination to please millions of people.... As DDK Socks and DİLEK Socks, we adopt a working manner for production of high quality products using advanced technology. Thanks to our production, control and packaging system; we fulfill our commitments to customers. We give quite importance to the criteria of serving consistently and systematically to our customers for fulfillment of our duties. By combining the yarn and manpower in an esthetical manner with our advanced technical machinery network, we make business with famous European, American and Russian brands in the industry. One of the leading socks manufacturers in Turkey, DDK Socks has become an essential brand of Russia and Republic of Turkey with its own brand- DİLEK-. .

Technology & Quality

D-DK Socks and DİLEK Çorap follows the fast increasing technology and keeps up with it by use of the latest model Lonati branded machinery. It also uses “Bentley Komet” machines, the most significant and established double cylinder machine of the socks industry, in their initial operating state. In addition to our quality standards and modern production plants; we increased our production area of 2000 m² to 6000 m² for fulfillment of increasing demand and sustain our development increasingly with our qualified and trained staff. The certificates issued for us are conclusive and justified indication of the high importance we put on quality and employee rights.

Our certifications