Our artworks and collections are made by experienced and qualified designers in accordance with fashion and trends. Our team of specialists only develops customized designs and presents them to you in the direction of your demand.

Our aim is to present the ability to reflect our goals by combining professionalism with esthetic in our design process.


D-DK Socks is a leading sock manufacturer in Turkey with its machinery equipments, technology and wide product range. It has the ability to respond to customer standards at the highest level with machine diversity and effective production experience.

With its innovative structure and the principle of adapting to up-to-date technologies, it can provide continuity in product quality.

Toe Sewing

With our toe sewing team, we are at your service to meet your needs at the highest level.

The toe seam of socks produced in the direction of your requests can be made in two different ways. We perform Rosso seam and Hand-Linked seam according to our customer’s demands.

Dyeing & Washing

With dyeing and washing machines, we do all the dyeing and washing operations that our customers need in our dyeing factory (Armine Textile).

In the washing section we use leading brand machines in the field. We may offer antibacterial Sanitized, Aegis, Purista, Aloe Vera and Slicone wash.

Ironing & Packing

After dyeing and washing processes , we start ironing the socks in order to the sizes that our customers have provided.

We are offering full packing service for socks in global standarts with joyful and quality packingways according to customer needs. As a final stage, all socks has to pass our 100% quality control system to make you as pleased as possible for every sock that you are buying.

Our certifications