about us


Dilek Sock family, based in Istanbul in 1971 on the principle of quality production and export, received the Dilek Sock  brand patent in 1978 and opened its first store the same year. In 1986, with its rapidly growing brand value, it incorporated the Özdilek brand. Moving forward with its strong strategy, it took only four years for the team to realize its first exports to the America. To be able to offer private label service under customer’s own labels – OEM – to its customers, the D-DK Socks company has been established in 1999.  Thus, the team entered a new era and opened to the European market with its new company in the same year.

Today, thanks to consistent growth from its establishment in a planned and disciplined effort, now supplying the any type of socks needs of overseas markets, particularly in Russia, Europe and USA, with quality domestic and national production. D-DK Socks & Dilek Sock with its customer-oriented working principle; Thanks to its production that can be completed in a single track, it manufactures all type of socks in different models, colors , sizes and qualities at significantly attractive prices. D-DK Socks, one of the leading socks manufacturers in Turkey, is an indispensable brand of Russia and Turkic Republics with its own brand DİLEK.

Dilek Sock, with a monthly production capacity of 2.000.000 pairs, besides its strong production track; With its integrated system, it offers its customers a wide range of high quality products with unique designs. Due to its strategy to offer best quality- price ratio products , Dilek Sock has increased its production area from 2,000 m² to 11,000 m², to meet the increasing demands of a good service strategy, and continues to grow with an all-qualified, trained staff continually evolving with specialized design and technical team continue to manifest themselves in international markets, blended together by following domestic and international trends. The Company, which is proud of showing a stable development and growth, transfers its responsibilities to people and the ecosystem to its production, and proceeds with one hundred percent confidence in its financial structure, capacity, and its team, which is strengthened with certificates and trainings.

Our Mission

As D-DK Socks, our mission is to come to the forefront with the quality of its products in the sector and to carry the brand name to the top in the international market with production, respectful to people and nature.

Our Vision

Our vision as D-DK Socks and DİLEK Sock is to make millions happy by producing quality products that fit into a sense of sustainability, developing technology and changing needs. Works to optimize customer commitments through production, control, and packaging systems. The most important criteria is to provide the business partners with a consistent system that meets their task by combining yarn and manuel labor in the most aesthetic way with an advanced technical machine network.

Technology and Quality

Dilek Sock and D-DK Socks is using latest modern technology Lonati machines but also taking the advantage of the pioneer mechanic double cylinder Bentley Komet machines in its production which is a key distinguishing part of our Company to its competitors.

On the other hand , we use latest –  Green certified –  Automatic packaging system which allows us to keep the quality of the socks at top by also being environmental friendly.