Our drawings and collections are done by our experienced designers in a fashion and trends. Our expert teams are developing and delivering custom designs to your liking in accordance with your request. Our goal during this process is to combine professionalism with aesthetics to provide the capability to reflect in socks.

D-DK Socks is one of the leading socks manufacturers in Turkey with its machinery equipment, technology and wide product range. It is capable of responding to customer standards at the highest levels, with machine diversity and efficient production experience. Continuity in product quality with its innovative structure and principle of adapting to current technologies

Our experienced staff is at your service to meet your needs at the highest level with high quality and different features in toe sewing machines. In line with customer demands, the toe seams of the socks produced can be made in three different ways: Comfort Fine Rosso , standard Rosso toe and Seamless toe .

With the dyeing and washing machines it has, all dyeing, washing and testing processes required by its customers are carried out by Dilek teams in the Dilek laboratory. In laboratories approved by international companies, expert personnel work to meet customer expectations in the best way.

Different pre-washes such as antibacterial (Sanitized, Aegis, Purista), Aloe Vera or silicone washing can be applied to the socks with our leading brand machines in the washing department.

The socks, which come out of the dyeing or washing, take their final shape by being ironed with the latest system ironing packaging automatic machines with molds specially prepared according to the characteristics and size of the socks in the next stage.

The products are reviewed in the quality control before they reach the final stage, and products that passed their test are packed and ready to ship based on customer requests.

After the socks are placed in the boxes, before the products reach the final stage, they are passed through the metal check machine in line with the customer’s requests, and the products that pass the control and made ready for shipment.

Carefully prepared products are delivered to shipping teams to be delivered all over the world.

Yearly Experience

Monthly Production